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Do You Suffer From Loose or Missing Teeth
Are you tired of dentures?

Implant-Reduced-FurtherThere are millions of people in the UK who suffer from loose or missing teeth, and just as many who have ill fitting dentures or don't want the hassle of wearing dentures.

The solution is dental implants. Dental implants once fitted are like having your own natural teeth back again. They are permanent and with good oral hygiene and regular checkups can last you a lifetime.

Dental implants are similar to a crown but whereas with a crown we fit it to an existing tooth. Implants enable us to do the same thing where there are no teeth to fit them to.

To do this we place a titanium metal screw into the bone which then grows around the implant making it solid and permanent. We then fit a crown to the dental implant giving you a beautiful, natural looking smile. Implants can be used for single crowns, bridges or to replace dentures

Because dental implants are a permanent fixture you can eat just about any food you want. No longer will you have to politely decline those hard to eat items of food that having ill fitting dentures or missing or loose teeth stop you from eating.

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