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Crowns are the ideal way to restore broken teeth or teeth that have been weakened by decay or have had large fillings in the past.

Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons:


  1. You may have a large filling and would like to improve the look and appearance of the tooth.
  2. It can be used to hold a bridge or denture in place more firmly
  3. You may have had root canal treatment and what is left of the tooth needs protection.

Crowns can be made from all sorts of materials and new ones are being brought to market all the time.

Porcelain crowns as you might expect are made from porcelain. They are not quite as strong as a bonded crown, but they look very natural. We usually use this type of material for front teeth.

All Ceramic Crowns made from Zirconium this is a very modern type of material and is free of metal. It gives you the strength of a bonded crown as well as the appearance of porcelain one. It can be used in all areas of the mouth.

Gold alloy crowns gold has been used in dentistry for many years and is one of the oldest filling materials. We tend to use it with other metals to increase its strength, as gold is a very soft metal. When mixed with other metals is makes them very hard wearing.


Cost from £350