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Teeth can become stained, discoloured, broken and even lost overtime. This can affect your smile and your overall confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is the use of various dental techniques to enhance your smile. We can offer various procedures that can repair, straighten, whiten & replace unattractive teeth.


New materials and techniques have allowed dentistry to advance greatly and we pride ourselves in using some of the most up to date treatments available to give you the smile you have always wanted. When you come to your first appointment we will discuss your concerns then work out a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Crowns are the ideal way to restore broken teeth or teeth that have been weakened by decay or have had large fillings in the past.


Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • You may have a large filling and would like to improve the look and appearance of the tooth.

  • It can be used to hold a bridge or denture in place more firmly

  • You may have had root canal treatment and what is left of the tooth needs protection.


Crowns can be made from all sorts of materials and new ones are being brought to market all the time.


Porcelain crowns as you might expect are made from porcelain. They are not quite as strong as a bonded crown, but they look very natural. We usually use this type of material for front teeth.


All Ceramic Crowns made from Zirconium this is a very modern type of material and is free of metal. It gives you the strength of a bonded crown as well as the appearance of porcelain one. It can be used in all areas of the mouth.


Gold alloy crowns gold has been used in dentistry for many years and is one of the oldest filling materials. We tend to use it with other metals to increase its strength, as gold is a very soft metal. When mixed with other metals is makes them very hard wearing.


Cost from £350


Fixed Bridge


A fixed bridge is an alternative to a partial denture. Bridges are normally made from a metal base. A porcelain crown is then fixed to the base. By its nature a fixed bridge cannot be removed. You can normally have a bridge if you have enough teeth with good bone support.



  • A bridge lets you forget that you have missing teeth.

  • It can improve the way you look, and make it easier to eat and chew.

  • The teeth are matched to the colour of your own teeth.

  • A bridge can last for many years, so long as you keep it clean and brush regularly


Other types of Bridges

With an adhesive bridge fewer of your existing teeth need to be removed. Adhesive bridges are made of a false tooth with metal wings, these are made to bond with your teeth and need very little drilling. The teeth are roughened and the bridge is then glued into place with a resin.


Discoloured or dark teeth: A brighter whiter smile can be simply and safely achieved using our tooth whitening treatments.


Grey metal filings: These can easily be replaced with attractive tooth coloured fillings, inlays and onlays.


Chipped, misshapen or unattractive teeth: These can be disguised to blend in with your other teeth using Porcelain veneers.


Damaged, worn or weak teeth: Heavily filled or broken teeth can be made strong again with longer lasting, better looking crowns.


Missing teeth: These can be replaced with fixed, natural looking dental implants or bridges.


Uncomfortable or unrealistic dentures: Modern techniques and improved materials can provide you with new teeth that look and feel more natural.


Bleeding gums, bad breath, stained teeth: We can advise you on daily home care routines that can help put an end to your worries.


Tooth grinding and jaw clenching: This common problem can be addressed to help prevent future problems.


Sensitive teeth: Teeth can be sensitive to hot and cold. We can help you find out why and so we can prevent future sensitivity.


Dental anxiety: Gentle, modern care and a sympathetic approach will help you to overcome your worries and enable you to smile with confidence.


Tooth protection for sports: We can provide customised, well fitting mouth guards in a variety of shades and designs to help protect your teeth from damage whilst playing sport.

How can we help improve your smile?

Cosmetic dental treatments by Stephen Tallett Dental Surgeon


Porcelain veneers are ideal for creating beautiful smiles in cases of small or oddly shaped, spaced or discoloured teeth. With this procedure you'll be involved directly in your own design process in reshaping, widening and brightening your smile, thus ensuring total satisfaction.


Stephen can place temporary bonding for 2-3 weeks to protect your teeth and to create the blueprint for your new smile. The thin veneers of porcelain are bonded to your teeth, which will enable you to resume normal social and eating activities immediately. After the treatment you will feel very confident about your new smile.


Costs from £295


*Ask at reception about Smiledesign and our Free Cosmetic Consultation*

Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful bright white smile is not just for celebrities, we can give you the shade of white you want for your teeth. There are many whitening products on the market, but the best and safest way to whiten you teeth is by a trained dental professional who will examine you first to ensure that your teeth and gums are fit enough for whitening.


Teeth whitening is both safe and won't harm your teeth and gums. We adhere strictly to the new rules governing the amount of whitening solution you are allowed to have on your teeth. So don't wait any longer come and have your teeth professionally whitened for a lot less cost than you may expect.


*Ask at reception about teeth whitening*


Dentures may be worn to replace some or all of your teeth. Partial or complete dentures can be made of different materials to suit an individual's needs. Modern dentures can be designed to provide better retention and appearance.


Dentures that replace all of your teeth can be difficult to control, and many people resort to denture fixatives or occasionally are unable to wear them. Usually the lower denture causes the most problem.


Implants can be used to retain a denture. The denture is still removable, but clicks into place when you put the denture in and stops the denture moving around. Because in most cases this can be achieved with two implants there is much less cost than a fixed bridge on several implants.


We can advise you on the options and discuss your preferences for a solution

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We also offer many other professional dental services, including dental implants, facial aesthetics, oral hygiene and a straight teeth system using QuickStraightTeeth™.


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