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For some time I have been looking at new implant systems. The suppliers of implants are becoming more competitive and user friendly. I have decided to include the ADIN system for implant treatments at our practice.


The ADIN system will help me to provide implant treatment at lower cost with no loss of quality. The company was started by a Dentist who understands the needs of Patients and Dentists.


More information will be available on our website soon.

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There is a lot of evidence that  not caring for your gum health is associated with rheumatism, diabetes and heart disease, and the list is growing.


We all know that smoking, lack of exercise and diet are related to health. So now maybe clean your teeth while jogging ! Seriously you can reduce the risk of developing health problems or making some conditions worse  by looking after your gums.

Now our new website is up and running we will be able to keep you updated with new developments and the services and treatments we already provide.Some pictures have been uploaded and there are more to come.


Even with some expert photography I look like I could do with some photoshopping to roll back the years. The Practice however is up to date with dental technology. We are computerised which enables us to use digital xrays and upload digital images of your teeth. We use advanced air abrasion to gently restore teeth, Laser dentistry is also a part of our treatments. We have recently added a dental microscope to the practice which has many advantages when we look at and treat dental problems. Implants are also available in our practice.


Even though I have been using dental computers since 1987 I still use two two fingers to type!

When one of our child patients needs a filling, Mum will often say 'but he (or she) doesn't eat sweets'. When we discuss the diet, fruit and fruit juice can surface as a potential cause.


Fruit and fruit juice contain sugars which have the same potential for decay as sweets. However fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. The answer is in the frequency with which fruit and confectionary is consumed.


Fruit and its juice taken with a main meal gives the protective effect of saliva a chance to work. Snacking on foods containing sugar  between meals gives less time for the saliva reduce the decay risk and repair teeth.


'Grown ups' will also have a higher decay risk from frequent fruit intake, and there is a long term effect from the acid in fruit of softening and loss of enamel. Unfortunately with acid erosion of enamel 'when it's gone it's gone'. There are toothpastes that repair enamel but it is a balancing act as erosion can easily outdo the repair.